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The mission of Eagle Mount Billings is to create meaningful experiences for people with disabilities through adaptive recreation. Our purpose is to provide a sense of belonging and lifelong friendships inspired by a spirit of adventure.

The History of Eagle Mount Billings

Eagle Mount began with a dream to create an opportunity where people with disabilities could participate in recreational activities. In 1982, General Robert C. Mathis and his wife, Greta, retired from a 34-year career in the Air Force to bring this dream to reality. They moved to Bozeman and established the I Am Third Foundation to build Eagle Mount.

In 1983, with the help of the founders’ son, Harry Mathis, and Cyndi Fonda, the Eagle Mount ski program began at Bridger Bowl. The idea was to start with a modest program of 20 to 30 people, teaching them either Alpine or Nordic skiing. Very quickly, it became necessary to put people on the waiting list after reaching 94 skiers and almost 100 volunteer instructors. Bob and Greta never turned away anyone who could not pay Eagle Mount’s modest program fees. This commitment remains key to Eagle Mount’s mission. Eagle Mount expanded to Billings in 1988 with 49 skiers taking part in the first year.

Since then, hundreds of participants have enjoyed swimming, golf, day camps, bicycling, horseback riding, and other special activities. Currently, there are three Eagle Mount organizations in Montana (Bozeman, Billings, and Great Falls). Although fiscally separate, these three organizations continue to uphold the original dream.
We Love Eagle Mount

Our Values


We take pride in our open approach to understanding our community’s needs.


We’re dedicated to creating bridges over barriers and helping you reach your full potential.


We provide support for you to soar and land safely, celebrating your success along the way.


We advocate for our participants so they can fully experience adventure.
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